Deploy, integrate and manage Macs, iPhones and iPads

The Enterprise Device Alliance is a resource for organizations deploying, integrating, and managing Macs, iPhones & iPads in Windows-managed environments.

Integrated Mac security with Active Directory

Centrify enables organizations to reduce IT expenses, strengthen security and enhance compliance by securing their cross‐​platform data centers through Active Directory‐​based identity and access management.

Anytime, Anywhere File Access

Acronis enables organizations to unlock the power of new computing platforms by providing anytime, anywhere file access across desktops, servers, and mobile devices.
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Track, manage and protect your digital world.

Absolute Software specializes in software and services for the management and security of computers and smartphones, with Absolute Manage and our Computrace product family.

Enterprise Device Alliance Completes Mission

After six years of effort, the EDA has completed its task of delivering research, information and education to organizations that need to integrate, secure, and manage Macs, and mobile devices within their established, Windows-based IT infrastructure.