Enterprise Device Alliance Surveys IT Administrators about Managing Smartphones and Tablets in the Enterprise

SUNNYVALE, California - September 22, 2011 - The Enterprise Device Alliance (EDA) today opened a new survey to query IT administrators about the deployment and management of smartphones and tablets in their organizations. The survey asks about the projected growth in the number of tablets, the impact on IT of managing mobile devices, the barriers to broad acceptance, and the special management challenges that mobile systems introduce. The results of the survey will provide a view of the issues that IT departments confront as they accommodate the increased use of mobile devices in their enterprise. IT administrators are encouraged to contribute to the survey at Enterprise Device Alliance Mobile Survey. The survey will be online until October 15, 2011. Survey: Managing Mobile Devices in the Enterprise

“The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets is challenging enterprises to deliver secure, mobile access to information while protecting customer data and ensuring the organizations’ integrity and productivity,” said T. Reid Lewis, president of the Enterprise Device Alliance. “With this survey, we want to hear the most urgent priorities and concerns from those dealing directly with the issue.”

In a survey conducted last year by the EDA related to this topic, IT administrators had asserted that tablets would grow in enterprises through 2011 by 55% and smartphones (with greater initial market penetration) by 27%.

Complete results of “The Mac in the Enterprise Survey Results 2010” and other surveys
are available at: http://www.enterprisedevicealliance.org/resources

About the Enterprise Device Alliance
The Enterprise Device Alliance is a resource for organizations deploying, integrating, and managing Macs, iPhones and iPads in Windows-managed environments. The EDA and its members deliver free information, market data, and access to solutions that support blended environments. The EDA member companies are leading enterprise software developers for cross-platform enterprises. They provide technology solutions that leverage an established Windows infrastructure to deliver the same standards of service, client management, file and print access, security, and compliance policies for Mac and iOS systems. Member companies include Absolute Software, Centrify, Group Logic, and Web Help Desk. For more information, visit www.enterprisedevicealliance.org.